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Laane Trading® is a small and flexible international orientated developing and trading company specialised in two disciplines.

First the delivery of lost shuttering made of fibrocement, XPS or Polypropylene and secondly the delivery of (or licences for) Iconorm insulated reinforced elements for the precast industry or for contractors in situ.

For the markets outside the northwest mainland of Europe only a few products of Laane Trading® are interesting due to high transport costs. For this reason the English section of the website is smaller than the Dutch part.

Laane Trading® is situated in the centre of Belgium approximately 17 Km east of Antwerp. From this central place we cover the northwest of Europe with lost shuttering and advise for the use of Iconorm in the precast industry.

Laane Trading® is a highly experienced company in thermal bridge free concrete construction techniques with a very good price / quality ratio. This results already for more than 15 years in satisfied customers and a good reputation on the market.

Due to the simple structure and size is Laane Trading® a reliable partner for you which results in a better quality, a higher building speed and of course: cost and labour reduction.

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Laane Trading Bvba
Lintsesteenweg 60
B-2500 Lier
Telephone +32 (0)3 488.11.78

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