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B Element: Technical sheet

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The Laane shutter board (or B-elements) are made of fibrocement sheets with a length of 250 cm and different widths on which 9 trapezoid PVC profiles are glued for a better adhesion with the concrete.

The shutter boards are fixed in the shuttering where the topside of the shutter board is on the height of the future floor level. The shutter board should be for 1/3 in the concrete; 2/3 of the height is left for future concrete pours like floors.

The thickness of the shutter board will be In function of the height of the shutter board. Till 40 cm height the thickness is 10 mm; 40 cm or more is 14 mm thick


PVC trapezoid profile

The profiles are made of recycled material and are hollow. Dimensions 32 x 25 x 14 mm. The 25 mm side is glued to the fibrocement with a one component thixotropic polyurethane glue.



German general manufacturing permit Nr. Z-9.1-490

Class of Material:

A2 according to DIN 4102 (non-combustible)


approx. 1450 kg/m 3 min. (503 pcf)

Moisture Content:
(ex factory)

11% ± 3

Moisture Content:
(load perpendicular to the surface of the board)

7,5 N/mm² - 95% value

Modulus of Elasticity 1:
(load perpendicular to the surface of the board)

8000 N/mm²

Transverse Tensile Strength 1 :

0,8 N/mm²

Tensile Strength 1:
(parallel to the surface of the board)

3,0 N/mm²

Compression Strength 1 :

22,0 N/mm²

Thickness Swelling:
(after 24-h water immersion)

< 0,5%

Changes in Length and Width due to Expansion and Contraction:
(calculated value per standard procedure)

- at 1 % change in board moisture content 0,03%
- at 30 % change of relative humidity of the air 0,075 %

Thermal Conductivity:
(calculated value per standard procedure)

R = 0,35 W/m•K

Vapor Diffusion Resistance Coefficient:

According to DIN 4108 µ = 20/50

Surface Alkalinity:

pH-value 11-13