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B Element: Description

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The B element or shutter board is made of 10 or 14 mm strong fibrocement board on which in vertical or horizontal direction trapezoid formed PVC profiles are glued to ensure a good adhesion with the concrete

The Laane shutter board is available in many standard dimensions. Of course, when the quantities are large enough, every dimension can be delivered.


The Laane shutter board is used in concrete constructions on those places where in phase 2 concrete has to be poured. You can think about concrete beams, walls, and in the precast industry.


  • The Laane shutter board is easy to work with
  • Time saver by flooring jobs
  • Faster re-use of shutter systems

Height of the B-Element

  • 30 cm    Useable for floors upto 20 cm
  • 40 cm    Useable for floors upto 27 cm
  • 50 cm    Useable for floors upto 50 cm