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B Element: Processing

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Processing advice for Laane shutter board type B
  1. The Laane shutter boards can be nailed, screwed, glued or wedged in the shuttering.
  2. The Laane shutter boards can be cut to length with a hard metal circular saw.
  3. In the fixing phase the most important part is to ensure that 1/3 of the shutter board is embedded in concrete. 2/3 of the shutter board is suitable to use as a floor edge shuttering in phase 2.
  4. Laane shutter board higher than 50 cm should be secured with wire to the reinforcement to provide a bending to the outside due to a high concrete pressure.
  5. For shutter boards higher than 60 cm please ask an individual advice.

The processing time for Laane shutter boards depends on the situation and can vary. For calculation purposes and from our experiences a timeframe of 2 minutes per m¹ should do